The Japan Metaverse Association

The Japan Metaverse Association (JMA) is a general incorporated association that promotes the spread of metaverse (three-dimensional virtual space on the Internet) technology and related services, as well as a healthy business environment. The association was established in December 2021 for the purpose of contributing to the development of Japanese industry by promoting the development of a user protection system and a user protection system.

Vision 「Be a supporter of Metaverse business」

Metaverse has a wide variety of backgrounds and mechanisms, some of which have been supported and developed by many fans and technicians through game contents, while others use blockchain and NFT to conduct economic activities. The former is a field in which Japan excels, while the latter is rapidly expanding overseas and has a perspective by some as leading to Web 3.0. The Association aims to support these various metaverse-related business, in other words, to be a supporter. 


·Study Sessions:  Having experts, members, etc. as lecturers and held monthly.

·Subcommittee meetings: Sharing practical knowledge and information through discussions among members. 

·Business Matching: Aiming for synergy through collaboration among members

·Members’ information: Introducing members by posting press releases on the website or at study sessions. 

Japan Metaverse Association