About Us


 The Japan Metaverse Association(JMA) is an association functioning as an interlocutor for the metaverse industry in Japan. We propagate the new technology and services in three-dimensional virtual space provided by the Internet and the encouragement of the business to purse sound policies as well as improving the framework for implementing further measures to protect users in metaverse. JMA will be the platform for serving information exchange and creating synergy among companies and individuals involved in the business of metaverse. We are aiming to contribute Japan becoming a “leading country in the metaverse” through our endeavors to collect and disseminate information both inside and outside Japan.


 JPMA is established on 7th December 2021 in Chuo-ward, Tokyo.


Title Name Company Name(Title)
Representative Director     Tomoo Onishi         FXcoin Ltd.(President)
Director Muuto Morikawa Ginco Inc. (President)
Director Dongsheng Luo Coinbest K.K. (President)
Supervisor Akihiro Niimi Intelligence Unit LLC (President)